PRS Executive Committee

The Physiotherapy Research Society is organised by a small committee - usually up to 12 people and made up of anyone with an interest in physiotherapy research. The names of the current committee are listed below.  Our work is guided by a Constitution that has been reviewed under guidance from the CSP.

You do not have to be a physiotherapist to join the committee, which is currently made up of people who work within physiotherapy teaching and within research posts. People from any background are welcomed - clinical, research or teaching. One of our main aims to to support and encourage novice researchers - so the committee are a mix of both very experienced and relatively new researchers.

The PRS Executive Committee

Dr. Alison Aries
Dr. Alison Aries

Dr. Alison Aries (Chair)

Dr. Aries has extensive experience working as a physiotherapist within the NHS and has developed specialised neurological skills, as well as leadership abilities. 

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Caroline Coulthard
Caroline Coulthard

Caroline Coulthard (Vice Chair and Publicity Officer)

Ms Coulthard is an Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner at Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Trust. Her primary clinical interests are Upper  Limb disorders, Rheumatology and biopsychosocial management.

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Mary E. Davis
Mary E. Davis

Mary E. Davis (Secretary)

Mary is a clinical tutor and special lecturer in Physiotherapy at University College Dublin.  

Mary is in the final year of her PhD and her research focuses on investigating the efficacy of different exercise modalities for improving cardiorespiratory fitness, strength, body composition and self-reported outcomes in women living with obesity (the EXOFFIT study).

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Dr. Caroline Belchamber
Dr Caroline Belchamber

Dr Caroline Belchamber (Membership Secretary & Conference host for #PRS2024)

Dr. Belchamber qualified as a physiotherapist in 1993 and gained experience in a variety of settings including NHS, private, voluntary, and higher education sectors.  She specialised initially in respiratory and then in palliative, supportive and end of life care. 

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Siobhan Singh PRS Treasurer
Siobhan Singh

Siobhan Singh PRS (Treasurer)

Siobhan is the Physiotherapy Team Leader for Cambridge Centre for Lung Investigations at Royal Papworth Hospital.

She has completed her MSc in Advancing Physiotherapy Practice.

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Dr. Joseph McVeigh (Publicity Officer)

Dr. McVeigh is Head of Discipline of Physiotherapy at University College Cork (UCC).

He obtained a BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy from Ulster University in 1992

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Dr Joseph McVeigh
Dr. Joseph McVeigh
Dr. Nathan Hutting
Dr. Nathan Hutting


Dr. Nathan Hutting (Abstract Secretary)

Dr Hutting is an associate professor at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, research group Occupation & Health in the Netherlands.                         

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Dr. Bruno Mazuquin (Executive Officer)

Dr. Mazuquin is Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a Physiotherapist by background, trained in Brazil, and completed his PhD in the UK.

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Bruno Mazuquin
Dr. Bruno Mazuquin (Executive Officer)


Dr. Chris McCarthy PhD, PGD Physio, PGD Biomech, PGD Manip Ther. FCSP, FMACP
Dr. Chris McCarthy PhD Education Lead PRS

Dr. Chris McCarthy PhD, PGD Physio, PGD Biomech, PGD Manip Ther. FCSP, FMACP (Education Lead)

Dr. Chris McCarthy is a former NHS Consultant Physiotherapist and now Associate Professor at Manchester School of Physiotherapy, Manchester Metropolitan University.


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Dr. Alex Benham (Publicity Support)

Dr. Benham is a Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy at the University of Huddersfield. His PhD was in pain management, and this was followed by post-doctoral positions working on trials into mirror therapy and into physical activity in different service user groups, particularly stroke and frailty. 

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Alex Benham
Dr. Alex Benham
Dr Rebecca Nightingale
Dr Rebecca Nightingale


Dr. Rebecca Nightingale (Treasurer Support)

Becky is a clinical academic at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine(LSTM) and an honorary consultant respiratory physio at Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation Trust. 

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Dr. Wajida Noor (Abstract Secretary Support)

Dr. Noor is a Physical Therapist from Pakistan with diverse experiences as an academician, clinician and a researcher who has served in Public and Private sectors Academic Institutions and Private Healthcare providers.

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Dr. Wajida Perveen
Dr. Wajida Perveen


Iona Bateman PRS Student Executive Officer
Iona Bateman PRS Student Executive Officer

Iona Bateman PRS Student Executive Officer

Iona is a second year BSc physiotherapy student at the University of Southampton

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Leigh Clare (PRS Student Representative Officer)

Leigh is a Year 4 Student Physiotherapist currently on the integrated master’s degree programme at Keele University.

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Leigh Clare
Leigh Clare


Paul Bailey Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Officer
Paul Bailey PPI Officer

Paul Bailey Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Officer

Paul’s role on the PRS Executive Committee provides us with a valuable insight and connection to the patient and public perspective.

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Gemma Kelly PRS (Committee Support Team)

Gemma is a physiotherapy researcher and clinician working with children with acquired brain injuries/neurodisability at The Children's Trust in Surrey

Gemma Kelly
Gemma Kelly
Dr. Jenni Naisby
Dr. Jenni Naisby


Dr. Jenni Naisby (Committee Support Team)

Dr Jenni Naisby is a physiotherapist and Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy.

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