About Physiotherapy Research Society (PRS)


“Empowering physiotherapists to promote and facilitate research”  

The Physiotherapy Research Society was formed to promote research in physiotherapy. 


We encourage high quality research relevant to physiotherapy practice and education and we foster critical awareness throughout the profession. 


Aims of the PRS

The Society promotes research in physiotherapy, so that a firm scientific knowledge base is developed, from which more effective physiotherapy practice may be delivered and patient services enhanced. We encourage high quality research relevant to physiotherapy practice and education and help foster critical awareness throughout the profession.

The Society aims to disseminate the results of research both within the profession and beyond.


Our Missions Statement

The Physiotherapy Research Society promotes an understanding and implementation of research and best evidence, with an aim to develop physiotherapy practice and promote high-quality patient care.


Our Five Year Strategy

We have recently produced our five year strategy, please see the below document for further information.





What we offer

There are a number of other organisations that exist to support research in physiotherapy and related fields - for example, the Allied Health Professions Research Network. However, we are the only CSP affiliated research group that hosts a research conference and has dissemination of research as a prime aim. By providing a platform for novice researchers across a wide range of topics, we enable support networks to be built and valuable national and inter-national links to be established.


Our PRS Annual Conference

Our Annual Spring conference is the main vehicle through which we promote and support research activity.   See our separate conference page for more details.


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