Past Conferences

We have run a number of successful conferences throughout the UK, please see below for further information, and links to resources available from our past conferences.

  • 2022 PRS conference 'Creating a Culture of Change' 
  • 2021 PRS Conference - Virtual Event 'Clinically driven research to benefit patients'
    • We welcomed Dr. Andrew Bateman, Dr. Lesley Thompson, and Dr. Caroline Alexander as our keynote speakers at PRS 2021
  • 2020 PRS Conference - cancelled due to COVID-19
  • 2019 PRS Conference London South Bank University  'Research Innovation: From Ideas to Impact' 2019 - Programme - London South Bank University and 2019 - Prof. Ann Moore
    • We welcomed Professor Mick Thacker and Professor Anne Moore as our keynote speakers at PRS 2019
  • 2018 PRS Conference Northumbria University 'Research and Clinical Practice - A Two Way Street'
  • 2017 PRS Conference Milton Keynes College 'Complex Patients, Complex Research, Complex Careers'
  • 2016 Conference at the University of Leicester 'Improving Quality-of-Life for People with Chronic Conditions
  • 2015 Conference at the University of Leicester 'Bridging Gaps in Research –  between areas, professions and theory and practice'
  • 2014 PRS Conference - University of East Anglia (14th May)
  • 2013 PRS Conference - Cardiff University (19th April)
  • 2012 PRS Conference - Sheffield Hallam University (30th May)
  • 2011 PRS Conference - Keele University (5th May)
  • 2010 PRS Conference - Teesside University 'Contemporary Physiotherapy Research' (27th May)
  • 2009 PRS Conference - Glasgow Caledonian University 'Measuring Mobility' (May)
  • 2008 PRS Conference - The University of Manchester 
  • 2007 PRS Conference - Oxford (November)
  • 2007 PRS Conference -  Research Centre for Clinical Kinesiology (RCCK). Cardiff University (April) Spring Meeting 'Focus on Clinical Research' (28th March)
  • 2006 PRS Conference - 
  • 2005 PRS Conference - Southampton University (16th November)
  • 2001 PRS Conference - University of Hertfordshire 'Spring meeting of the Physiotherapy Research Society' (19th April)
  • 2000 PRS Conference - University of Brighton, Eastbourne

Resource archive from previous conferences

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