PRS membership - update

To all PRS members please note that we have moved from Direct Debits and Standing Orders to an on-line registration called Go-cardless.

If you are currently using a DD or SO please cancel and re-register on-line so that you have access to the members page and also receive information about current events. If you receive the following message when trying to re-register on-line 'You already have the Member role in the Physiotherapy Research Society group. You may not purchase the Membership product.' then you need to contact us so that we can remove you from the database to enable you to register on-line. This will only happen during this initial transition period, so apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please also be aware that our joining fee has been updated for the first time since PRS was established from £15 to £25, which still remains great value for money.

To find what you need to do to receive emails / news bulletins from PRS please click below.

PRS membership is open to Physiotherapists, academics and other professionals with an interest in physiotherapy.

Once you haver registered in order to receive emails you will need to carry out the following steps:

  • Log into PRS
  • Click on 'your account' on right hand side of website
  • Click 'your e-mail preferences'
  • Click 'professional network emails' (Left hand menu)
  • Once the PRS box has been ticked then as a member you will receive emails, if you don’t tick this box then you won't receive e-mails or bulletins from us.
  • As a PRS member you will need to save your preferences which provides us with your consent.

Please note that your consent is only valid for 24 months, you will then need to review and update your consent, otherwise you will no longer receive emails or bulletins from PRS. If you look at 'save preferences' it has the date of when you last saved your consent.

If you have any queries regarding the above please email the membership secretary using the following email address:

We look forward to you joining us through the on-line registration system.

PRS Membership secretary

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