PRS providing resources and funding to help understand and undertake systematic reviews

Having received support from the CSP, the Physiotherapy Research Society is proud to be able to offer resources to help increase Physiotherapists' knowledge and understanding of systematic reviews. We are offering an educational video and supported workshop to help support clinicians understand these more. 

Educational Video

Systematic reviews are a useful way of summarising literature to help guide clinical decision-making, but we appreciate that these can sometimes be confusing. The Physiotherapy Research Society has led the development of an educational video to help clinicians understand systematic reviews and help interpret their findings.

This is a free resource developed with Keele University that covers key aspects of reading and interpreting reviews. The video can be found below, or via the link here:

Funded bursaries to plan and undertake a systematic review

As systematic reviews provide a summary of current evidence, undertaking a review can be a useful way of identifying key evidence to help guide clinical decision-making. To learn how to do this, we are offering a workshop series where we will work with individuals (and/or teams) to undertake a specific systematic review, answering a clinical question relevant to them. The CSP has supported this by offering bursaries of £500 for each group on completion of the review to recoup some time cost, as well as contributing an extra £500 to take the findings to present at a conference.

These workshops will provide all the training you need and you will be supported by a researcher throughout each stage of the process. All that is required of you is to identify a research question, commit to a 2-hour online meeting a month (between July and Dec) for the workshop, the extra time needed to complete the stages of a review, and have lots of enthusiasm to learn!

If you want to apply to be part of this workshop, please apply by the Microsoft forms link here:

The deadline for Submissions is the 15th June at 5pm.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please guide these to Alex Benham at

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