PRS 2024 Conference Sponsors

We were delighted to welcome our corporate PRS 2024 Conference and Award Sponsors to join us at AECC University College Bournemouth.

Our valued support from  Danu Sports has enabled us to host this exciting conference and additionally provide a prize fund for our conference awards.

DANU Sports

Danu are bridging the gap between the laboratory and real-world movement analysis in sports and medicine through innovative digital health technologies.

At DANU we have developed and validated novel digital health technology in the form of smart socks that integrate force and inertial sensors for movement analysis that can be deployed within any environment using a mobile application. Our technology alleviates the limitations of expensive large-scale laboratory and subjective clinic-based movement analysis that only provide a ‘snap-shot’ of a person's performance. The Danu system provides valid and reliable objective digital biomarkers within any environment, at any time to provide a more accurate measure of a person's usual performance or function. The system is designed to be easy to use, time-efficient, and minimally invasive, and overall it is designed to improve the efficiency and efficacy of movement analysis in any application.

 Our system is designed to support practitioners with laboratory-grade analysis across a range of clinical, sports, and research applications. We strive to collaborate with the world's best and most innovative practitioners to provide the best wearable available and bring wearable analytics to ground-breaking new levels in sports and medicine. We are excited to work and truly believe that our system can help you take your research and work to the next level! Please come talk to us to learn more about what we have to offer, we are passionate about research and are happy to collaborate on any ideas you may have. 

Why we’ve chosen to support the PRS 2023 Conference

Danu is a new company in the marketplace but we have always followed the PRS Community as we share your passion for scientific-based knowledge. We are keen to understand and collaborate with you on any of your scientific pursuits. 

What we’d like to share with the conference attendees

We are excited to announce our new new wearable movement analysis system to the world with the PRS Community being one of the first groups we are sharing our novel technology with. We are keen to learn and build connections with your community and provide you with a product that we truly believe will add value across a range of applications and scientific pursuits.  

Visit us during the exhibition and reach out to us via the following channels: 



Twitter: @DanuSports

Instagram: @danusports




Our Vision at PARI:

A world where everyone can breathe freely

At PARI, we are passionate about working for a world where everyone can breathe freely.
We are pursuing this path by developing innovative, high-quality and scientifically-proven products for the treatment of respiratory diseases.
For our patients and customers, for our employees, for the environment and society. Locally and globally.

Our values - what we stand for and how we work:

We set ourselves ambitious goals. These ambitious goals make us drive innovation and actively shape the future. As a reliable partner for patients, customers and medical professionals, the following always applies: We act with integrity, responsibly and sustainably.

This reliability and constant striving for quality is also expressed in our inhalation devices, which have been manufactured in Germany for decades under the strictest quality standards. Every single employee contributes with competence and passion to bringing us one step closer to our high goals every day. 

Contact details and social media links:


Phone: 01932 341122




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