Mary E. Davis Clinical Tutor and special lecturer in physiotherapy at University College Dublin

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Mary E. Davis
Mary E. Davis

Mary is a clinical tutor and special lecturer in physiotherapy at University College Dublin and a locum physiotherapist in Dublin.

She is in the final year of her PhD and her research currently focuses on investigating the efficacy of different exercise modalities for improving cardiorespiratory fitness, strength, body composition and self-reported outcomes in women living with obesity (the EXOFFIT study).

As part of her role as a clinical tutor, Mary currently manages the day-to-day running of the UCD Physio Hub and therein provides clinical supervision to both bachelors and masters (professional qualification) students on placement in the delivery of specialist exercise programmes (such as the ACE programme) and provision of specific athlete support services in UCD and also in the management of clients attending primary care services in the community.

Mary is a member of the Association for the Study of Obesity on the Island of Ireland (ASOI) and was a member of the 2023 World Obesity Day Ireland committee.  She was also the lead author on the new ISCP guidance document on ‘The Role of Physiotherapy in Weight Management in Adults'.

Mary’s clinical background is in both acute and community services across various areas of physiotherapy provision. She is interested in further advancing physiotherapy’s role in the management of non-communicable diseases and physical activity promotion in all populations.

Mary is in her last year of PhD (September 2023). 

Well done and welcome Mary.

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