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Dr. Wajida Perveen
Dr. Wajida Perveen

I am a Physical Therapist from Pakistan with diverse experiences as an academician, clinician and a researcher who has served in Public and Private sectors Academic Institutions and Private Healthcare providers.

I have a range of professional experience in Musculoskeletal and Paediatrics Rehabilitation and her professional education includes Bachelors in Physiotherapy from King Edward Medical College, t-DPT, MS-OMPT.

I am currently a PhD scholar at University of Lahore, Pakistan, and my carrier is further supported by Team Physician Course by AFSM, Certification in Hospital and Health Care Management, Certification in BOTOX, Clinical Research Certified Professional, IPPCR from NIH USA, Certificate in Medical Teaching, Certificate in Medical editing and Certified Mulligan Practitioner.

I am an eminent scholar and reviewer in many national and international journals and has several reputable publications in National and International Journals and conferences.

I am a member of Environmental Physical Therapy, ISPTJE, PTE and Physiotherapy Research Society UK. Since 2012, and I am currently serving as Head of Physical Therapy Department at Sialkot College of Physical Therapy, Sialkot Pakistan.

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