PRS 2022 Conference Sponsors

We are delighted to welcome our corporate PRS 2022 Conference Sponsor and Award Sponsors. Their support has enabled us to bring this exciting conference and some of the exciting awards to this year's conference, which will be provided to speakers / presenters. 

Conference Award Sponsors:

DANU Sports

DANU Sports are an innovative and accurate tool to reduce injury occurrence, reduce rehabilitation times and maximise athletic ability. We are breaking down the boundaries of unnatural lab-based analysis.

Our Smart Socks act as a force plate on your feet to empower athletes and coaches with scientifically validated gait analysis in any environment, at any time.



Head Diagnostics

Head Diagnostics  have developed, a handheld medical device for the rapid assessment and evaluation of brain impairment and brain disease (The iTremor). The device is unique in targeting a little-known physiological window into brain activity.

Their mission is to release the power of this biomarker into routine clinical use. Ultimately, we see the device being widely used in a range of conditions, including TBI, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, and other degenerative brain diseases. In the short term, we will apply our technology to help radically improve the objectivity, accuracy and speed of diagnosis in mTBI and Parkinson’s Disease.


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