Bianca A Hall PRS Student Representative Officer

I am a Jamaican student physiotherapist currently finishing my Master’s in Physiotherapy (pre-registration) at the University of Birmingham.  

Bianca A Hall
Bianca A Hall

I previously completed a double degree program at the University of Rochester, NY, USA where I attained a B.S. in Biological Sciences. Additionally, I had the unique opportunity to design a multi-disciplinary degree in Integrated Sports Studies (B.A.) and explored how athletes concurrently overcame social limitations around race, gender, sexuality and class through the lens of the Self-Determination Theory while exploring foundations in anatomy, physiology and exercise.

I spent 2 years as a clinical research assistant with the Geriatric Oncology Research Group at the Wilmot Cancer Center. As qualitative researchers, we uncovered differences in how older African American patients with advanced cancer and their caregivers communicated with oncologists and how this may influence engagement, decision making and satisfaction with care. This work was recently presented as an abstract and conference presentation at the SIOG 2022 Annual Conference in Switzerland.

As there were no exercise science, kinesiology or sport science classes offered during my undergrad, with the help of Dr. Karen Mustian and the Physical-Exercise-Activity-Kinesiology Lab at the University of Rochester Medical Center, I was able to create an independent study course titled ‘Principles of Exercise Physiology’. Through independent research and lab instruction, I published my first paper titled “Review of a Selection of Physiology Tests Performed at the PEAK Laboratory and their relevance and Applicability to Testing on an Athletic Population” in the university’s Journal of Undergraduate Research.

Currently, I’m hoping to complete my master’s dissertation exploring the question ‘Is physiotherapy inclusive?: The role of patient education in post-partum pelvic health for female athletes’. My goal is to continue my journey in research exploring topics in physiotherapy around women’s health, sports and motivation.

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